Functional appliances are removable braces that work on the upper and lower teeth at the same time. Worn well they can give dramatic results!

Twin Block appliances

These should be worn for 20-22 hours per day. With the correct number of hours of wear you will soon be aware of the improvements in the position of the teeth. In the early days they may be removed for eating. It is also necessary to remove the appliance during contact sports. The upper and lower appliances must both be worn together at all times. There are sometimes screws in the appliance. Your orthodontist will give you instructions on when and how to turn the screw(s).
Care of your brace
The appliances are removed for tooth brushing. Clean the appliance with your toothbrush carefully
If appliances are removed for eating or sport they must be placed in suitable container
If an appliance is lost or broken the Health Board will charge you for the replacement. These appliances are expensive and must be looked after if treatment is to be successful
This treatment should be completed in 9-12 months. You may then have to wear the appliance overnight or progress to the next phase of treatment.

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